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fresh produce

Our fresh products meet the highest international quality standards thanks to the careful selection of producers and packers with whom we work hand in hand to meet the supply and delivery needs of our demanding customers in the countries where our fruits arrive.



The plantain also known as banana or banana is a fruit that is commonly eaten raw and also as an ingredient in pastries and tropical cuisine.

limonpersagreenskolime (3).png


The Lime, also known in some countries as Tahitian Lemon, is a semi-acid fruit characterized by its large size and absence of seeds.


mexican key lime

The Mexican key Lime is a green and yellowish colored fruit when ripe, its juice has an acid and aromatic flavor as well as a high content of vitamin C.



The coconut is a tropical fruit that is often used in different ways because it contains different nutritional and aromatic properties



The avocado is a green colored fruit which darkens with its maturity at the same time that its exterior becomes rough, it has a high content of vegetable oils.

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