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Our fruit derivatives are healthy products that go through a certified industrial transformation process to become fresh foods packed in high vacuum, dehydrated or in pulp for the food industry or directly to the shelf or restaurant for the final consumer in some cases.


Shelled  Coconut

Shelled Coconut as it is known to this product is the pulp of fresh coconut that conserves the circumference already without shell, properly disinfected and vacuum packed


dehydrated  coconut

Dehydrated medium-high-fat coconut is made from fresh coconut pulp, which is subjected to a disinfection, grinding and drying process.  


Coconut flour

Coconut flour is made from coconut paste resulting from the cold pressing of dehydrated coconut, which is ground and then sifted.


sea SALt

Salt is one of the oldest condiments, giving a salty taste to food that at the same time is an appetite generator and stimulates its intake



Guacamole is a Mexican sauce made from avocado and green or red peppers.



This product has been made with 100% “hass” avocado pulp, vacuum packed, easier to handle, no shipping waste or price instability...

greenskococonutdreamexport2.png (1).jpg

coconut cream

The coconut cream is made from fresh coconut pulp which is subjected to a process of disinfection, shredding, dehydration and grinding to obtain its creamy texture.


Lemon powder

Special for the use of cocktails since it is a 100% natural product, thus guaranteeing the flavor and color of the Mexican lemon.

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